Macau, one of the SAARs in China, has its distinct advantages, with the support of Chinese Market, can also have a place in IIP worldwide.
In recent year, Macau has successfully utilised its business superiority and the outcomes are obvious. Besides the advantages of being a free port, having a simplified tax system, international trade network, and well-developed hospitality industry, Macau has its unique benefits of being a Portuguese-speaking region, and subsequently good relationship with Lusophone districts, even the European Union.
While Mainland China is becoming more influential globally in the area of IIP, Macau is capable of being the IIP communication centre of Asia, and even the world, for its irreplaceable strengths.
To achieve the aim, Macau is supposed to hold more than one remarkable conference on each year, with the supporting of several professional intellectual property organizations,
 Macau Trademark Association organized the first International Conference in Intellectual Property.

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